Increasing the ROI performance of campaigns with 'FreakOut Native' !

You can get good quality visitors with FreakOut.

FreakOut Native can send good traffic to your brand page,

because FreakOut Native appears in between publisher's feed, therefore there is less number of wrong clicks.

Based on 5 mobile campaigns that has been running in Japan,

traffic that came from Native Ad tend to have lower bounce rate compare to other ad traffic-source.

The Reason for FreakOut Native

View through attribution

Native ad has a high visibility because of formats I familiar with the content.

Able to approach the Non-Clicker

Because Non-clicker also click native ad for high visibility, you can be in contact with the new customer.

Low bounce rate

Bounce rate after page transition is 1/2 compared with the banner advertisement (※ our research) because the wrong click is small.


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