About FreakOut Group

The 1st DSP in Japan

We, FreakOut are the first DSP (Demand Side Platform) in Japan, and have the largest impressions at present.

IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

We started the DSP business in 2010, and expanded our business into DMP(Date Management Platform) and Native Ad Network. We continuously grew and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in June 2014.

Marketing technology company expanding in Asia

We have more than 500 employees and 19 offices in 15 countries. Our head office is in Tokyo with branch offices in Osaka, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and India. We are a global marketing technology company that is expanding rapidly in Asia.

FreakOut Group Mission

Give people work that requires a person.

As technology advances and computers learn to perform tasks with greater efficiency, computers have created a work-style revolution. By letting computers do what they are very good at, we, humans can have surplus time to commit to our creativity.

Our mission is that though the use of our technology, people will have more time to dedicate to their creativity. We believe that we can make this world more creative by making the best possible use of technology and humans’ creativity.

FreakOut leads this new movement with advanced technology.
We keep creating better value in the world.

Yuzuru Honda
Founder&Global CEO FreakOut Holdings, inc.

FreakOut 5 values

We have a culture to change the world.


Our business advantage is the software that is developed by talented engineers. All staff, with a point of view of product improvement, engaged in strong product development.


Making a strong corporate brand, we will get in a unique position in the market without competition.


We will always create and provide a new value in response to changes in the world. To grow and create a new market, we move flexibly and speedy.


We are open minded emvironment. We always seek new ways of doing things to change the world.


We are industrious. We get a great achievement by building up small efforts.